florida tarpon fishing

Tarpon very strong fish that can weigh over 200lbs.

These fish are not good tasting but are a prized game fish because they put up a good fight and will jump out of the water when hooked.

Tarpon are found in warm waters, under bridges and beach areas. I think the best bait to use is live pinfish, but others may think different.

Once your Florida Fishing Charter Guide has found the right spot to start Tarpon fishing you will see Tarpon coming up to the surface to get some air and most of the time you can hear the noise they making with breathing air on the surface. You will wanna just cast your fishing pole over there by them, but be careful not to scare them away otherwise your Fishing Charter will have to find another spot to go Tarpon fishing.

Tarpon fishing is some thing that you do not wanna miss out on if given a chance to go.

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