Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout, Spotted Trout, Tampa Fishing Charters Speckled Trout

The Speckled Trout (Cynoscion nebulosus) also referred to as Spotted Trout .

Is a common fish here in Florida. Most of the time they weigh in at 1 to 3lbs, but can get bigger. The World Record for this fish is 17 lb 7 oz. One funny thing about this fish is that it really is not a trout but is a member of the Drum family.

To fish for Speckled Trout or Spotted Trout as some of you may call them.

You use live shrimp and free line them and most of the time you can catch these fish inshore. Speckled Trout swim in schools, so if you do catch one chances are you are likely going to catch another and this makes it enjoyable for most everyone. Another way to catch Speckled Trout is if you are fishing at night you can use a fishing light attractor in which makes these fish at night come to you.

The do have teeth, so make sure you watch your fingers while unhooking them. I suggest that you use needle nose pliers while doing it, if you are new to handling fish as well as gloves.

Wondering How To Clean Speckled Trout? Watch This Video.

Speckled trout taste good and are a decent catch, even though they are a common fish in Florida don’t let this fool you. We would never turn down cooked Speckled Trout here.

How To Cook Speckled Trout or Spotted Trout Video

We hope you will enjoy catching and eating your Sea Trout. We welcome you to visit our blog to share with us your experience with your catch.

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