Snook Fishing in Florida

Florida Snook fishing is a wonderful sport.

These nice sized fish can grow to over 4ft and weigh over 40lbs.

Snook have great taste and are found in shallow and deep coastal waters. You can also find them in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

Snook like live shrimp, shell fish and some fishermen use live pinfish to catch them. You will find Snook around structure such as bridges or docks.

After your Florida Fishing Charter finds a nice spot to go fishing for Snook you will want to cast out and reel the bait in slow because Snook are ambush predators, so if your bait does not go in front of the Snook they will not bite it.

Once on the line Snook will put up a very good fight so you have to set your fishing reel drag to where you won’t snap the line right away and you will have to tire out the Snook before you can bring them into the charter boat.

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