florida red snapper

Red Snapper is a prized fish for its taste.

These fish can be found in water from 30ft to 300ft. Red Snapper do stay some what close to the bottom and like artificial reefs such as shipwrecks and oil rigs.

After your Florida Fishing Charter Captain has found the perfect place to go he may chum the water because this will help bring the Red Snapper closer to the surface. You will want to cast out using crustaceans or small fish and let your fishing line just set for a few seconds then you should have a bite. Red Snapper like to take off once they are hooked so it is important that you set your fishing line as soon as you feel the bite or even before you feel the bite because they move so fast.

Some fisher men go fishing for Red Snapper at night and say that “At night is when you catch the biggest Red Snapper” so you may want to check with your Fishing Charter Captain to see if he does night fishing charters.

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