Sheepshead Fishing in Florida

When you are fishing for sheepshead you will want to use shrimp, clams and sand fleas (I find that shrimp works best for me).

Sheepshead are notorious for stealing bait so make sure to use a small hook to catch them.

When you are looking for places to fish for sheepshead you will want to look for rocky bottoms and areas that have structures such as piers and bridges.

After you have found where you would like to fish for sheepshead you will want to cast out your fishing line and let it set for a few seconds once you start feeling a bite or even have the idea that it is a bite you have to set your hook very fast because the sheepshead will steal your bait if you don’t.

Now that you have your sheepshead on the line you can reel it in fairly fast without the worry of the fish getting off of the line, but this is fishing so it could happen to you if your not careful.

How To Clean a Sheepshead

When your ready to cook your sheepshead you will want to use a sharp knife and shave it’s scales off and cut the fins of the fish off. Once you have done that you can then gut it by taking the knife down its belly and slowly pulling away from you to cut it open. Now that that you have it cut open you can take the guts out of the fish by using your knife and cutting them loose then reaching inside to pull them out.

To fillet the sheepshead cut right behind the head of the fish until you feel it’s bone once you feel the bone you have made your first cut. Turn the knife towards the fishes tail and slowly glide the knife up to the tail while running the knife along side the fishes rib cage. Repeat this same step on the other side of the fish.

How To Cook a Sheepshead

Sheepshead are really good tasting!

Most people love to bread and then fry sheepshead using spices such as garlic and some lemon to put on the fish after wards it is always a favorite.

You can bake sheepshead by setting them on a greased pan and turning the oven on at 375 then let the sheepshead bake for about 20 minutes.

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