florida shark fishing

There is nothing like Florida Shark Fishing.

This is the extreme of the fishing sport and gives you a chance to get up close to a shark. Florida Shark Fishing is not for everyone because of the obvious dangers that are associated with the sport, but if you are looking to catch bull shark, mako shark, tiger shark, hammerhead shark and other types of sharks Florida Fishing Charter Boat Captains are more than happy to take you out for this extreme sport fishing.

To catch shark you chum the water and use Mackerel.

Make sure that the shark is not alive when you bring it onto your boat. You can do this by using a knife on the the head of the shark if the shark is small, but if it is a bigger shark you will want to use a powerhead (bang stick, shark stick).

I suggest if you have not ever been shark fishing that you go with someone who has the experience needed in this sport.

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