Florida Atlantic Sailfish Charter

The Atlantic Sailfish is a sought out trophy fish.

Atlantic Sailfish have a strong bill that they use to defend off predators that try to attack them and of course if you do catch one you have to watch out for the Sailfishes bill because they have been known to stab their catcher with their bill and cause harm.

The Sailfish is found in South Florida in waters close to the Gulf Stream and off the Panhandle of Florida near the 100 fathom line.

Sailfish are an offshore fish

The best way to catch Atlantic Sailfish is by trolling for them in deep sea waters. The best type of bait used to catch Atlantic Sailfish is Ballyhoo because it can be frozen and used on an Islander lure.

These fish are extremely fun to catch because of the sport and fight they have in them. They will jump up in the air doing flips and cause much excitement on board the Fishing Charter Boat.

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