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Florida Redfish Fishing Information

Redfish have many different names (Red drum, Channel Bass, Puppy Drum, Spotted Bass) but the proper name for the fish is “Sciaenops ocellatus”. You can tell the fish by its tail because it will have a black eye on its tail fin as shown in the picture above and is a sought out game fish in Florida.

Where to look for Redfish and how to catch them.

I find Redfish a very fun fish to catch because they put up a good fight no matter what size they are. Most fisher men will tell you to use shrimp to catch Redfish, but you could also use squid, blue crab and pin fish. For those who like to use lures I would suggest to use a spinner that is red and white, a sliver or gold spoon, natural color gummies, you can also use top water plugs and some fisher men go fly fishing for reds that are in the flats.

Places you want to look for while fishing for Redfish are sandy bottoms and oyster bars. Redfish are found in saltwater, brackish water and freshwater. You want to fish for Redfish in shallow water or in water up to 50ft because they are known to spawn in water at that depth.

Once you decide that you have a good spot to fish for Redfish or the bigger red bulls hook your pole up with a size 1 or 2 hook and what ever bait you decide to use. Make sure that you don’t have your drag set to strong otherwise they will break your line when you catch one. Redfish feed on the bottom and look down so make sure you are keeping this in mind while fishing for them. Once you get a bite they tend to play with the bait for a few seconds before taking off with it so you will want to set your hook when you feel them pulling on it for a few seconds.

Now that you have one on your line fight them for a little while depending on how big you think the fish is and once you feel that it is tried out just reel them into the Charter Boat, bank or dock.

How To Clean Redfish and a great way to cook them!

Redfish are a very easy fish to clean and scale. You lay the fish on its side and make a cut behind the gills and all the way down to the stomach. Make sure to cut just to the backbone and not to cut though it.

When you got it cut down to the backbone you will want to turn the knife to the tail and start cutting all the way down the backbone and you will have to cut though the fishes rib bones. Once you get down towards the tail don’t cut it all the way off of the tail.

With the filet not cut all the way off the tail. You will want to put your knife flat and just a tad into the meat. Start with a slow sawing motion and guide your knife in a downward angle and this will remove the fishes skin from the meat.

The next step is to hold the skin with one hand, repeating the sawing motion with your knife under the meat of the filet. This will make the meat separate leaving you a choice filet.

I like my filets to be boneless so this is how you get them that way. You have to find the rib bones with your fingers and they will be located in the middle of the filet and through out the stomach. Put your knife on the edge of the bone line and just cut this part out of the filet.

You then can cut the meat from the skin this part is some what hard and will take some time to get down right.

Flip the fish over and do another gill cut just like you did on the other side of the fish and just repeat the same steps.

Redfish are quite tasty, but most people find that the bigger they are the less they taste good because the meat gets to tough. I suggest you cook the smaller ones with the world famous chef Paul Prudhomme Blackened Redfish Magic spice and make sure you read all of the directions. You can toss them on the grill for about 10 minutes on each side or in the oven at 375 for 30 minutes.

Redfish are a great catch so why not try a Fishing Charter in Tampa Miami or in Key West today?

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