Permit Fishing Charters in Miami

Permit are a great sport fish and offer an excellent fight when you catch them.

Permit fish usually weigh any from 25 lbs to 45 lbs but have been caught at higher weights. They have a blueish gray tint to them with silver sides. The belly of the Permit fish is golden when you catch them in sea grass areas and the body of the fish is some what like a spade. Permit fishing is a experience every angler should have the chance to experience, but in order to do so you might want to call on a captain of a Permit Fishing Charter. Permit fish like to eat shrimp and crabs. I would suggest to use crabs because they seem to stay on your fishing line much better then shrimp do because of other fish trying to bite the shrimp and over casting or hard casting by the fishermen.

When you are looking for Permit the Florida Keys offer some of the best Permit fishing in Florida, but Miami, FL is just as good. Permit fish are found inshore on grass flats and sandy bottoms, if you are looking offshore you can find Permit fishing to be good near wrecks or rocky bottoms in deep water.

Would you like to go fishing for Permit, but don’t know where to get started? Check out our Florida Fishing Charters to learn more.

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