atlantic blue marlin fishing

The Atlantic Blue Marlin is a special fish to catch.

These fish are found in the Gulf of Mexico and migrate towards the Bahamas. You can also catch them in the Florida Keys and several other areas in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

To catch a Blue Marlin you can use mullet, squid, bonito, cero, flying fish, skipjacks and lures.

What make these fish so prized is their grace and 5 to 6 hour fight it takes to finally get them into the Fishing Charter Boat, so if you catch a Marlin you can expect a huge fight.

Please be careful when you bring the Blue Marlin into the fishing charter because their bill can be dangerous to you and surrounding people. The Fishing Charter Captain will also help you bring the Marlin into charter boat and you will have a ton of fun telling your story to everyone you know.

If you are looking to catch some Marlin contact us to see if we can help you.

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