Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel are quite tasty and fun to catch

Female Spanish Mackerel can grow to be 33 inches long and weigh around 11 pounds. The Male Spanish Mackerel is the smaller of the species and can grow to be 19 inches and weigh half of what the female weighs.

You can use live shrimp, spoons and jigs to catch Spanish Mackerel.

When Spanish Mackerel bite your line they bite real hard and real fast so it is important to set your line by just lifting up real hard as soon as you feel the Spanish Mackerel bite your line otherwise you will end up losing your bait.

Once you catch one, you will want to use needle nose pliers to take the Spanish Mackerel off the hook. They have strong pointy teeth and are able to cause major damage to your fingers.

Spanish Mackerel are very easy to clean because they have no scales for you to scale off of their bodies.

All you have to do is just cut the head off of the fish, starting behind the fin closest to the head, and flip it over to repeat the same step. Next, you’ll want to slice the Spanish Mackerel from the bottom of the belly and go up to where the head was, so that you can take out the guts. Lay the fish on its side, take a knife and slice it from the tail up to where the head use to be. You will know that you’re doing it right if you feel the knife running along the Mackerels spine. There is just one more step to cleaning the Spanish Mackerel for those who want a boneless fillet. Just do a “v cut” from where the head use to be and remove the bones by pulling the v cut meat out of the section.

The Spanish Mackerel is a very good tasting fish and there are many different ways you can eat them. Some of the ways you can eat Spanish Mackerel are by frying, baking, broiling, smoking, and eating them raw for sushi.

I recently caught Spanish Mackerel off of Picnic Island Park in Tampa, FL. I used live shrimp on the line. I didn’t use a sinker or anything but a size 2 hook. I reeled the shrimp in nice and slow. The Spanish Mackerel were taking the bait.

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