Grouper Fishing

Grouper is one of the best tasting fish.

There are many different types of Grouper. The biggest kind of Grouper is called the Goliath Grouper and these fish can grow to become massive.

Grouper can be found in water that is 65ft deep and shallower water during winter months. Grouper tend to wait for the bait to come to them so you will want to fish the bottom in and around reefs to catch them.

To get a Grouper to bite on a hook can be tricky at times, but Grouper tend to like live cigar minnows, mullet, pinfish and crab for bait.

When you do get a Grouper on your fishing line you will want to set the hook like you would any other fish by bringing your fishing pole up with a tug.

Now some of these Groupers can be huge so you may need some extra help and I’m sure your Florida Fishing Charter Captain is more than willing to help you bring in that Grouper if need be.

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