Amberjack fishing charter in tampa

Amberjack are fun to catch with your fishing charter

These fish tug and pull when you get to hook one which makes them fun to catch with your fishing charter.

Learn about different types of Amberjack

Amberjack is the common name for a few different types of fish in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and other places around the world. These fish are a extreme predator fish and like to bite on squid, crustaceans and fish.

Lesser Amberjacks

have bigger eyes than greater amberjacks and are a mild green color with a dark strip going up towards their eyes. Younger lesser amberjacks have wavy strips on the sides of their body. You can catch lesser amber jacks from around 12lbs or smaller.

Greater Amberjacks

and these are the largest of the jacks. You can tell the difference between the other jacks because they have dark stripes that go from their nose to the very front of their dorsal fins. They are caught weighing around 45 lbs or under. You can find Greater anberjack were debris, wrecks and reefs are located.

Banded Rudderfish

is one of the smallest of the Jacks. You can tell the banded rudderfish apart from the other amberjacks because they have a first dorsal fin. The younger banded rudderfish have strips that go vertically, but when they are bigger they lose most of their strips other than one gold strip that is located on their side.

Their are many different types of amberjacks across the world this includes the yellowtail kingfish, yellowtail, crevalle jack, flat amberjack and the Japanese amberjack.

Our Floirda fishing charters get excited about amberjacks because they taste very good and are a bunch of fun to catch for all who love fishing. We suggest if you like fishing for amberjack that you contact us today for your amberjack fishing charter in FL.

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