St Petersburg FL Night Fishing With Bait Shop Tom


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Fishing Tampa Bay with 4th St Tackle Owner Tom.

We started out during the day and we caught some nice fish and a matter of a fact the fish just kept on biting in the Bay area.

I enjoy fishing in Tampa because you get can actually catch some really nice fish and you get a great view of the city at night. We were just right outside of St Petersburg, which is right across the Bay from Tampa.

I must admit it seems as though I only ever really catch fish with a guide or someone who has extensive knowledge of the Bay area waters, such as 4th St Tackle or rather Bait Shop Tom.

St Petersburg Night Fishing

We caught a few redfish, blackdrum and a few mangrove snapper now of course we were using live
shrimp to catch these awesome fish, but one thing you should know about using shrimp is that pinfish can get to them pretty quickly. Tom didn’t mind these pinfish because to him it was more like catching two dollars every time one decided to take the bait. He said “Nothing better than catching pinfish to sell at the bait shop”. I kind of chuckled about this as it actually made sense for once while I was fishing, but it just goes to show that a big part of fishing in the Tampa Bay area is to have a positive and optimistic attitude about everything even, if your
fishing trip starts out with catching a few pinfish.

Tampa night fishingWhen Tom caught the blackdrum he was very quite and I didn’t even know he had a fish on the end of the line, until he pulled it in. I guess the fish just didn’t put up much of a fight either way we were happy to add him into the live well with the rest of our catch.

Not only is it fun to fish at night in Tampa / St Petersburg, but you also get this awesome view of the city lights at night. It’s also a lot less busier so you don’t have as much boat traffic. Of course we jammed the radio and enjoyed our time fishing though.

Needless to say I can not wait to go out fishing yet again. I honestly think you could never get sick of fishing even if you do it all of the time or better yet for a living.

I’ll leave you with a nice shot of St Petersburg, FL on the water of Tampa Bay at night!

Got any night fishing stories you would like to share with us? Let us know in a comment and what is your favorite place to go?

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