Top 10 Things People Do Wrong When Fishing


ten ways not to fish

Ok so you wanna be a big shot fishermen, do ya?

Here is the top ten most funniest things people do wrong when fishing for the first time in Tampa, Key West & Miami.

1. Forget to tell the wife you will be out all day and night!

2. Buy dead bait and expect to catch a whopper of a fish!

3. Rely on your buddy to buy the beer, so don’t be mad when he shows up with soda or worse sharps!

4. Listen to the guy that tells the story of the one that got away!

5. Don’t put enough gas in the boat!

6. Forget the bug spray!

7. Even better forget the sunscreen!

8. Pack a lunch!

9. Not bringing a net!

10. Buy a Mickey Mouse Pole and think it’s for fishing.

Sure some of this stuff can be really funny, but the fact is most of this is true people forget all of this stuff or over expect. Now the good news is that your fishing charter guide whoever that maybe takes care of all of these simple little things, so you don’t have to worry about fishing with a Mickey Mouse Pole, unless of course you want to.

I was fishing the other day and over heard someone say fishing charters are just a waste of money and I asked why they thought that and without a direct answer I asked “have you ever been on a fishing charter”? They obviously said “no”. Fishing charter captains in Tampa Miami or Key West have to charge what they charge due to the fact that it covers the bear minimum and the truth is some don’t even make money they just get to fish with you and that is what they love to do, so next time you hear or think a fishing charter is too expensive or a waste of money think again they are not only seasoned professionals, but love fishing and making sure you have a great time at cost and sure they might make a little and you just got to think would you work for free? That won’t provide for you and your family.

At any rate I just wanted to clear this up a little and to share the reason why I’m passionate about what these fishing charter guides do for people who are not only looking to have a great time, but are looking for a life changing experience. You see a fishing charter is well worth it as you get to not only catch fish like never before, but you get to create a memory that will last you a lifetime.

Don’t think about booking a fishing charter in Tampa, Key West or Miami just do it and you won’t regret it not one bit.

Did we forget something? Add it in a comment!

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