Thinking About Going September Fishing


September Fishing
I have recently been thinking about going fishing in the Tampa Bay or Miami area and decided to create a post.

What Types Of Fish Do You Catch In September

This time of year you can catch a lot of different kinds of fish from king fish to redfish and a little bit of just about every thing. My friend who owns a local bait shop had invited me out on his boat this coming weekend and it is sounds like a nice idea.

You know I think we will start out fishing for redfish, but move onto other types of fish later on during the day depending on how the weather holds up.

Fishing Hotspot Resource

I have found a nice place to find some fishing hotspots, but haven’t tried any of them out yet, if you are interested to look and see what I mean visit fishing hotspots they are suppose to give you the latest information on hotspot fishing places throughout the world, but like I have said I haven’t tried it out my self, so I can not credit the source as viable, but maybe on of our readers can in a comment.

Now further on the subject of fishing in the Tampa Bay area it has been hot and raining and this week, so far is looking promising and I’m getting excited to get out and finally go do some decent fishing in the area.

Are you looking to go September fishing this weekend and, if so what types of fish do you plan on catching?

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One thought on “Thinking About Going September Fishing

  1. Eland says:

    Fall fishing in Miami is great. Best results of the year. How did you do?

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