Sustainable Swordfish Fishing in Florida | Buoy Gear Fishing


Fishing Captains go Buoy Gear Fishing for Swordfish

We came across this video and was very pleased to see others stepping up so that everyone can enjoy Swordfish Fishing in Florida. It’s also enjoyable to see that these Captains are teaching these buoy gear fishing methods across the world, so that they can provide a better quality of life to the local and not so local fishing communities.

Have you tried buoy gear fishing or maybe you have a better idea for Sustainable Fishing?

03/04/2013 |

One thought on “Sustainable Swordfish Fishing in Florida | Buoy Gear Fishing

  1. Hon. Goldray Ewing says:

    Hi I will like to know why Buoy gear fishing is prefer over long line fishing and which is more damaging to conservationist? thanks and I look forward to your respond.

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