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Pompano Beach Fishing Charters in Florida

Pompano Beach is known for its nice beaches and pristine feel, but it has a hidden secret and that is it’s Pompano Beach Fishing Charters. The fishing charters in Pompano Beach offer you a chance to catch sailfish, marlin, tarpon, grouper, shark and other big game fish in Florida.

Pompano Beach Fishing Charter Captains Will Put You Right On The Fish

Pompano Beach Fishing Charter Captains know very well where the fish are biting by using their expertise skills that they have gained over many years of fishing the local waters and because of technology that has made it easier over the years such as GPS which lets them log areas that have proven success in the pass as well as recent times. With this in mind you are for sure to locate and catch fish on a Pompano fishing charter.

Why You Should Book A Pompano Beach Fishing Charter

Booking a Pompano Beach fishing charter is easy, but what is even better than that is how easy it is to enjoy and relax while out on your Pompano Beach fishing charter. You will be and are able to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, catch fish, get a tan and enjoy your self. Your guest will too and you can bet that you will be talking about your Pompano Beach fishing charter for years to come with your friends.

How To Book A Pompano Beach Fishing Charter

When you are ready to book your Pompano Beach Fishing Charter all you have to do is contact us and let us know how many hours, inshore or offshore fishing, how many people you would like to take with you, date you wish to fish and estimated budget.

Cost For Pompano Beach Fishing Charters

The cost for fishing charters in Pompano Beach is dependent on hours booked, people going on the trip, offshore fishing or inshore and can depend on date booked. You might have to practice catch and release if the fish you catch is out of season.

Map & History Of Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach gained it’s name from the Pompano Fish found here in Florida

A man who’s name was Frank Sheene had given the town it’s name Pompano after the fish he had just eaten for dinner one evening in the late 1800s it was until 1947 when Pompano had merged with the beach community and gained the name Pompano Beach.

The first settlers in Pompano Beach where spread throughout the area. In the middle 1880s The first known settlers of Pompano Beach were George Butler, Frank Sheene and their family soon followed them in 1896 to work on the railroad. When the railroad came to the town on 2/22/1896 it led to create more people to move to the area, so they had to build further west and in 1906 it was the furthest south city created in Palm Beach County, Florida with a booming population.

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