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Florida Shoreline License Phone Number

Florida Shoreline License Information

I have come across this question a few times from Florida residents and to answer the questions is that yes if you are a Florida resident you can get a free fishing license. The thing about having a Shoreline fishing license means just that. You can not fish on a boat with a Shoreline fishing license unless your with a licensed fishing charter captain, you can not fish from a unlicensed fishing pier or from an island where you had to get their by boat. With that being said I have included the phone number and website below if you are looking to get the Shoreline fishing license or if you are looking for any other type of Florida fish and game license. To get the Shore Line license you will have to pay postage though and it is like 5 bucks, if you are going right out the door to go fishing make sure you call first because they will give you your license number right over the phone that you can use to show proof of having a fishing license until you get the shoreline in the mail.

Florida Shoreline Licenses; Website & Phone Number

Feel free to call them anytime I remember I had to call them before me and my friends went out and it was around 4am and someone picked up and gave me a Fishing License.

Once again this is only free to Florida residents.

Website: Fishing Licenses

Phone Number: 850-488-3641

I hope you have found this information useful and as always happy fishing!

To keep this interactive please leave us a comment stating if you have called.

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2 thoughts on “Florida Free Fishing License | Shoreline License | Phone Number & Website

  1. Terri Sevrinsky says:

    Hello To Whom This May Concern I am interested to finding out where can I buy in Florida Sheepshead Fish that is ready to eat. What store may have this type of fish. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
    Terri Sevrinsky

  2. Richard Hoch says:

    My brother-in-law and myself called early morning and got our licenses. I am a Florida resident, and he is from Michigan, the lady took care of us both on the same call! Paid for, done and legal! Very nice. We caught fish that day too.

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