Tampa Fishing Report For 1/18/2013


Tampa Fishing Chaters Report 1/18/13 Clearwater Fishing Charters, St Petersburg Fishing Charters

The last time we did a report it was bright sunny and hot outside

Now that it has gotten a little colder dose this mean you can’t still catch fish? No of course not and besides the water is still going to be warm enough right now for the fish to bite. Taking a look at this report shows us that much hasn’t really changed from the last report although the best time to go fishing is a little after 6 o’clock tonight. I’m sure you can bring up some reds, spotted trout and maybe some black drum fish.

I would try to fish in the back country

The tides have been high lately and if you don’t have a boat and you really wanna go fishing in the Back Country I suggest booking a Tampa Fishing Charter for you and after all it is Friday who knows what this weekend may have in store for you.

Did you catch anything today or within the last few weeks, if so what was it?

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