Help Stop The FDA From Putting Frankenfish On Our Table


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The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine has approved mutated salmon as a new animal drug.

How and why this matters is because it is not intended to be used on animals which, if it were would also be wrong, but in place of your local super markets fish.

What is this frankenfish?

This frankenfish is a mix between Chinook Pacific Salmon and then taking the DNA from a Pout Fish which is an eel. When they take these two fish and connect their DNA the growth hormone from the eel makes the salmon grow much faster and will be ready to harvest in 18 months instead of the common time of 3 years that it takes for a natural salmon to grow and be produce to the market.

The FDA even conducted their own experiments on this man made fish and found that it can cause allergies in human and it kind of makes you wonder how they even managed to approve this. Well turns out that since they classified it as a Veterinary Medicine it didn’t have to go though the standard testing that it would if they went for human consumption. If we where to find this fish on our tables we wouldn’t even know about it because it will not be required for them to label that it is a frankenfish.

If this fish where to escape it could and would cause big problems for wild salmon and this posses a big threat to our fishing industry as well as our food.

Please take the time to visit Petition The FDA Now!

01/22/2013 |

2 thoughts on “Help Stop The FDA From Putting Frankenfish On Our Table

  1. Jenny Frank says:

    If this GMO shows up in the stores I will quite eating salmon.
    It’s OK, I’ve already quit corn, wheat, soybeans, dairy (cow), canola UNLESS I am convinced they are organic.

    • Admin says:

      Jenny I do believe they may have gone to far this time around. Let’s just hope it will stop here and if not at least get them to label the things that they are doing to our food.

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