Daytona Beach Fishing Charters Holiday Blues and Joe’s Crab Shack Review


Daytona Beach Fishing Charters

Over the holidays I went on a fishing trip with my family just the guys this time.

Boy do they act like girls when they are sick, so There I was in Daytona Beach everyone was sick but me.

We had this beautiful ocean front condo we rented and where suppose to take on a Daytona Beach Fishing Charter which never happened because they where sick. I couldn’t help but notice that about half a mile away was a restaurant and connected to it was a fishing pier, so I told my fellow sick fishermen that I was going out with my fishing pole to catch a few fish. Mostly likely would catch some whiting, blues, trouts and or sheepshead. I just wanted to catch anything at that point in time other than a cold.

Daytona Beach Fishing Pier

I did not catch any fish what so ever as I kept tossing in my line.

I saw a bunch of other fishermen catching fish such as sea trout even some kid pulled in a big one that had everyone else drooling over it. I must say I was hopeful after that, but with limited supply because I did not want to carry everything to the pier I was stuck with what I had. I have to admit the fishermen of the Daytona Beach area are all extremely friendly some of them offered to give shrimp or help untangle a snag which is inevitable fishing in such a confined space as a fishing pier.

I still enjoyed the time I spent fishing on the pier

It was nice to getting to know some of the locals who spend their time there on the weekends fishing.

It just goes to show that you can be a avid fishermen, but if you don’t know the area like these veterans do then it’s likely you won’t catch fish and that is why fishing charters are of the utmost importance when you really want to get a fish on your line they are the ones who fish their local waters day in and day out they are the ones that will put you onto the fish even if you think there are none there. They know exactly where and how to fish for their local fish.

I always thought that you can’t down play fish they are not what you think. They don’t just bite anything you have to know what they are eating in their local areas. What time they eat and how they like their food served jiggly, dead or alive.

Joes Crab Shack Restaurant Review

After a fun filled day of fishing I decided that I was not going to catch my meal.

I figured I would stop at the restaurant that was connected to the pier that I later found out was called Joe’s Crab Shack, so I ordered a pizza from Joe’s Crab Shack and tell you what it was one of the best pizza’s I ever had from a beach restaurant such as Joes not to mention the staff was very friendly and offered me a wet towel to wash my fishing hands with before I ate my pizza on the dock!

When I came home I ended up finding my wife and 2 year old son sick to add to our holiday fun filled joy. Still to this day I haven’t caught the bug, but only time will tell when that is going to happen.

How did you spend your holidays? Did anyone get sick on you too?

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