What is Florida Flats Fishing


Flats Fishing in Tampa

What is Flats Fishing?

I’m sure most of you know this, but for our new fishermen that does not know what flats fishing is please read on. Flats fishing is when you go fishing in an area of water that is shallow and is most of the time only 2ft deep, “this holds true for freshwater flats fishing or saltwater flats fishing”.

When fishermen refer to flats fishing in Florida they are most likely referring to the sea grass flats that are usually made up of Turtle grass that had earned it’s name for being the green sea turtles main course meal and Manatee grass that gained it’s name for being the number one treat for Manatees in Florida.

Grass flats are great for fishing because they provide shelter for smaller fish and several different species of aquatic life. This also makes it a great hunting ground for larger predatory fish like redfish, snook and trout.

Fishing on the grass flats in Tampa, Key West and in the Miami area gives you many different types of fish to fish for without having to go offshore, so you can just fish inshore and catch the fish that you desire, unless you are trying to target larger game fish like Tuna and Marlin.

Different Ways to Fish the Flats.

Some of the ways to fish the grass flats are by fishing on the bank, wadding and by boat. Most people prefer to fish by boat because when you are wadding in the water and you move, you sometimes end up scaring the fish that you are fishing for away from you and fishing on the bank can be hard at times because the fish are further out on the grass flats.

There are many Tampa fishing charters as well as Key West and Miami fishing charters that provide inshore flats fishing for those who wish to target several different species of fish. It is just a matter of finding what fishing charter will work for you and your guest, so that you end up making good memories with those who you chariest the most in your life.

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