Happy Memorial Day


Memorial Day Fishing

Memorial Day is about remembering those who have severed our country the USA.

What did we do on Memorial Day? My family and I use to go camping every Memorial Day, but it turns out that if you happened to have an retired navy man in your family show up for the camping it would rain every year and every time on Memorial Day weekend, so now we just go fishing for redfish or speckled trout and have a wonderful bbq in the backyard. Today as I was joking with my family member who is retired navy I said to him “You know it was great fishing with you, but I sure do miss camping” he replied back “You know it always rains when I’m out camping and I think it’s your fault because before I’d invite you to go camping with me it would never rain”. It then hit me that maybe it just rains on Memorial Day weekend when I’m around and not when he is just around (After he left today to call it a night it started raining) and after all these years my family has been blaming him for the rain as a joke, but really it must be because of me, this year anyways.

Memorial Day is one of my families favorite holidays.

It’s a day to remember friends and loved ones who have severed our country or lost their lives while serving, and to joke with the ones who are still here who may possibly bring the rain anytime they are around on this special day makes for some of the best memories.

What did you and your family do on this Memorial Day?

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