Luhrs 30 Open


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The Luhrs 30 Open is an awesome yacht.

This yacht fishing boat gives good visibility when up top or though the windshield. It’s cabin sleeps four that is all decked out with design in mind that includes hardwood floors, bathroom, small kitchen area and a lounge area where you can set down to relax. The Luhrs 30’s engines are 260 hp Yanmar that top out at 2,500 rpm. These features give the Luhrs 30 Open the feasibility to turn and spin so you can chase the fish where ever they might be heading off to.

With all of these amenities we could safely say it is a must have for captains who are looking to provide top notch service and not only wanting to cater towards fishing charters, but also towards business events such as corporate meeting, special occasions and to vacationing guests who want to relax.

Do you have a Luhrs 30 Open? If so please tell us what you like and don’t like about it!

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