Catfish Noodling


Check out this video to see noodling first hand.

What is noodling? Noodling is when you use your hand to catch fish and is done by finding fish holes in the side of a river bank or under the water where the fish hide, you then stick your hand inside of the fish hole and wait for the fish to bite your hand, once the fish has bitten your hand you then pull the fish out of the hole with the same hand the fish has bitten onto. The noddling fish method is mainly used to catch large freshwater catfish.

Noodling is consider by some a way to get back to their roots and by others its just a way of life.

I personally think of noodling as a lost art. I do how ever see it picking up in the near future because of the T.V. series Hillbilly Handfishin on Animal Planet.

I have tried noodling in the past and can tell you that it is an amazing experience, but does take a certain type of breed in order for you to stick your arm inside of a hole under water and wait for a fish to bite it.

Have you ever tried noodling in Tampa or any where else in Florida?

05/20/2012 |

2 thoughts on “Catfish Noodling

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Looking for a place to take my son noodiling,he is twenty three and I’m forty five and in the army Infantry…please let me know,I’m looking for a good charter…

    • Admin says:

      Sorry Jeffrey for the late reply, but this post was posted to be an informational post. Generally people do not do Noodling in Florida because of alligators and brackish water that could contain bull sharks, but we wanted to see if there was anyone who did.

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