Florida Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Jacksonville, Miami, Key West


Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters in Miami, Key West, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Newport Richey and all FL locations.

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is an awesome fish to catch that can weigh in at a stunning 990 lb and reaching lengths on average of 7ft to 8ft.

The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna fish feed on smaller fish and can reach speeds of up to around 50mph and 70mph.

I have been watching the reality T.V. series on National Geographic called Wicked Tuna and I suggest if you have not seen it yet it truly is a must see for all who love fishing. What happens on the show when the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna takes the bait after they spend awhile cumming the fishing waters to get the Bluefin tuna to come out of hiding. You can then see how hard they struggle with bringing the big tuna fish to the boat and having to use a lift to bring it aboard their vessel. They quickly take the fish and clean it and ice it, so they don’t lose the value of the Bluefin Tuna fish. They then sell these awesome fish to their buyers at around a whopping 10k dollars and up depending on the size of the Bluefin Tuna!

Could you see your self bringing one of these amazing fish aboard your fishing charter?

Well you can with one of our local fishing charters in Tampa, Key West, Miami and the rest of the state of Florida. Just image the bragging rights you would have among your friends and family if you where able to pull in one of these massive fish.

Have you ever caught a Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in Miami, Jacksonville, Key West or anywhere else in Florida?

If so please tell us your story about the fight you put up to bring the massive fish to the fishing boat.

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9 thoughts on “Florida Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Jacksonville, Miami, Key West

  1. anthony says:

    i wish to go for this in any ocean i got lot of experince .

  2. Bob says:

    You can’t imagine in your wildest dream the thrill of catching a bluefin. Myself,son. and son-inlaw went on a charter out of Ocen City Md one Augost. First one caught was 120 lbs, took 1 hour to get it in the boat. The limit was one per person and we all caught one. Mine was the runt at 40lbs and I am glad because I gave my son a spell from the 120 lb fish and within 5 minutes my arms were useless. You better be in shape to haul in a bluefin. They will “run” repeatedly and take 200-300 yards of line at a time and when you are pulling them in it feels like you are pulling a pick-up truck off the ocean floor.

  3. Robert Bello says:

    looking for a job to catch tuna

    • Admin says:

      Hello Robert,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog, but this type of question would be better served on our Forum.

  4. John says:

    Iam totally addicted to the National Geographic show “wicked tuna” love all the characters accept for the harpooning team. Harpooning and using a plane doesn’t seem fair

  5. bedochel blaiyok says:

    Hi I’m an islander from the south Pacific I’ve caught a lot of tuna from blackfin to yellowfins..fishing is my sport all kinds of fishing..from bottom fishing to trolling to spear fishing to shallow water fishing..with hand lines or fishing rods..I wonder how to get a fishing jobs in Florida which is my dream to try out my skills in a different part of this world..can someone help me get a fishing job in florida

  6. bedochel blaiyok says:

    Man tuna is one of my favorite fish in this world..eating it raw and fresh dipping it in soy sauce mixed with lemon a little wasabi sliced onions…I’m telling y’all that is one Japanese style that I love the most..they call it sashimi if u didn’t know

  7. Mike says:

    I am wondering what time of year are Bluefin tuna near Florida’s coast line

  8. Gail Baillie says:

    Hi we are h o holiday and would like to organise for my husband to go tuna fishing for his birthday if possible. We are staying at the Rosen Inn International Orlando. Could you please send me an e-mail on how to do this as I have found a site that have hotel pick up. Many thanks Gail

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