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Veterans Day Fishing Story

Today is Veterans Day Friday, November 11th or 11/11/11

Some are taking these lucky numbers as it’s time to make a wish and it’s my wish for all of our Vets to come home safe.

This is a major holiday for my family. Seeing though most of my family has served in the military, we usually have a BBQ and smoked fish. I think that this year will be a little different because I have fireworks left over from 4th of July. You know the really cool ones that you can only get in Florida and some other states.

I think that this Veterans Day will be different for the community. So many of our troops are coming back home announced by our President Barack Obama: “I can say that our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays”. This made me very happy for the families that haven’t seen their loved ones for a very long time and was much needed for our troops as well.

Having respect for our troops that gave their lives or served for our country is what Veterans Day is all about. I know that some veterans will ride their motorcycles in honor and as a symbol of freedom; flying the United States Flag being proud to be an American. I love the pig roast that usually happens when our fellow Sunday bikers get together too.

How to get back in touch with your loved Veteran.

Fishing with loved ones, who have served, is also a great way to get back in touch with one another or to even just chat about loved ones who have served, but are no longer here. I remember when I was little, and my Dad had to go away for a long time because he was in the army, we went fishing before he left and he explained to me why he had to leave. As a little boy, it was hard, but he promised me that, when he came back, we would go fishing. So this gave me something to look forward to as well as seeing my dad again. Right after he came home, he kept his promise without me even having to remind him. While we where fishing, he told me how proud he was of me for not being so hard on my mom while he was gone and that I was growing up to be a little man. The point here is that fishing provides a great way for us to bond and have fun at the same time.

I think that fishing is a great way to reconnect with your Vet. If you are in the Florida area, your welcome to try out one of our Florida Fishing Charters for Veterans day.

What are your plans for Veterans Day or what did you do on Veterans Day in the past?
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One thought on “Happy Veterans Day

  1. LC Hunt says:

    This is a great Veteran’s Day post. I’m sure that many Vets would appreciate the time spent in reflection and with family. God bless our troops and Veterans 🙂

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