Reasons To Be Thankful On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving fishing chaters

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 24th and What I’m thankful for this year is the following.

  • Being an American and having the freedom that most don’t have.
  • For my family and the love we share.
  • For my friends who are always there when I need them the most.
  • Thanksgiving dinner and the football games that are on. For this years Thanksgiving football game line up click here.
  • The fish in the seas that we all love to catch.
  • Having an extreme joy for fishing even if I don’t catch anything.
  • For snook season, redfish season, grouper season and any fish season.
  • Back country fishing has always been one of my favorite fishing selections.
  • For the places I have had the opportunity to fish thanks to all the different Fishing Charter Guides that have been kind enough to let me fish with them.


I’m thankful for a lot of things and these are just a few. Do you have anything this year that you are thankful for? Please share your thankfulness with us in a comment
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