Christmas Fishing Gift Ideas Do’s and Don’ts


Christmas fishing gifts

The Holidays are coming right around the corner

I would like to share some suggestions about what to give your fishermen family member or fishing buddy.

Everyone knows if you wanna go big a boat is a sure fire way to go. Most of us basic fishermen like Carolina Skiffs or a John Boat because they are light weight and have a flat bottom, so they are able to go other places that other boats can’t go. I wouldn’t turn down any boat though so if you wanna get them a yacht I don’t think it would be a problem at all lol!

Now if they already have a boat and your not sure what to get them I would find out how old their fish finder is and if it is old and outdated which I have seen tons of my non fishing charter captain friends with older ones or without one, so if they don’t have one or have a older model fish finder I would feel confident in getting them a brand new fish finder (us fishermen love electronics especially if it will help us catch fish).

I think another good thing to get them for the holidays would be a brand new fishing pole because if they are like me they have used up the life span of the fishing pole in a matter of a year. Some of the fishing rods I recommend are G.Loomis®, Shimano®, Falcon BuCoo® and Berkley® makes some good inexpensive fishing rods.  You could also get them a brand new fishing reel if their fishing pole is in good shape. Some of the fishing reels I would recommend are Abu Garcia®, Shimano® and Pflueger®.

Fishing lures are a good inexpensive thing to get your fishing buddy because as a fishermen I know I lose tons of these and always need more of them for next time I go out.

I remember two years ago when I got a brand new tackle box for Christmas and I really loved it because I didn’t have enough room for all of my fishing gear in the other one, so I would put this as a recommendation for a gift.

Getting a fishing charter is a great way to go because most of us fishermen love fishing with pros who know how to catch fish. This provides a great alternative to the more expensive gifts such as buying a brand new boat and if you plan on getting a trip to Florida for your fishermen they can go fishing with one of our Florida Fishing Charters.

Things not to get for the holidays.

Don’t get a filet knife because we already have a ton of these, but if not I suppose it would be ok to get one.

Some people think about getting new gloves and this is a bad idea because we like the gloves we already have. We remember when we where holding that big fish with them and how great it was.

Sunglasses because if they are anything like me they will lose them in a matter of a few times going out, or they end up getting scratched up and we will never use them again.

Do not get them a new fishing hat, this is probably the worse thing you could do because we like wearing our old dirty lucky fishing hats. I was told once that is what brings the fish to us because they wanna see what that ugly thing is on our heads, so this is a big no no to get.

Fishing line is a bad idea unless they have cheap fishing line on their fishing poles, but even then they might like that kind of fishing line, either way most of us already have the brand name fishing line that we like to use. The brand I use the most is Spider Wire®.

Where can you get these items?

You can buy these items online at Amazon. Amazon has been around for years, so it provides a very safe way to buy gifts for your loved ones online and if you don’t have an account with Amazon setting one up is very easy.

If you are in the St Petersburg Florida area you can visit 4th Street Tackle and Bait Shop. They are currently running a few holiday specials on all sorts of fishing gear.

Do you have any other do’s and don’ts that I should have added to the list? If so please leave a comment, so we don’t miss out on any cool fishing gear this year.
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