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Black Friday Shopping Deals
Black Friday was setup by corporate retail chains to increase sales and to start off the holiday shopping sprees for Christmas and Hanukkah.

How did Black Friday get it’s name?

Black Friday got it’s name because its when companies get out of the red and start turning a profit putting them back in the black.

When we think of Black Friday or Cyber Monday we think of shopping deals. For the up and coming holidays. Being the day after Thanksgiving you would think that most people wouldn’t have the time to shop, but they do and boy do they ever shop. Some even sleep out in the parking lots of stores just waiting for them to open, so they can get the item that they want at it’s lowest price.

Just watch this video and see how some people are taking this Black Friday to the extreme.

I mean really fighting and pepper spraying other people, come on this is just to much.

What do you think of this video or have you been in this type of situation on one of your own Black Friday shopping sprees?

What does Black Friday have to do with fishing?

On Black Friday you are able to go out and get the best deals on fishing poles, fishing reels and fishing lures right now. I know most will go to Walmart for these types of things, but if you shop at some of the smaller bait shops for these things you will be able to get some great deals on your fishing gear because they are not part of these corporate chains they are really relying upon Black Friday to drive in business and thus giving out the best deals they can.

I know of a bait shop in St Petersburg, FL that is giving out some great deals on all sorts of fishing gear for Black Friday and you can find them on my blog here St Petersburg Bait Shop.

Do you know of any other places giving out great deals on fishing gear or if you would like to leave a comment about the video please do so.

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