October Inshore Fishing


October fishing in Florida

We all know that October is when the Florida fishing starts to get slow.

It almost seems that there isn’t anything we can do about it because when fish get cold they stop biting as much, or does it mean October is sailfish, shark, redfish and snook fishing time in Florida? Yes October is the start of some great fishing for some great sport fish.

Fishermen love going out catching large game fish for the sport of it and with October here it gives you a chance to be one of these fishermen. I have spoke with many anglers about fishing in FL this month and they are saying “October is one of the best times to go out fishing because of the large fish that are biting”. It seems like colder water just makes these fish snap. Sure the weather maybe a bit colder, but are you going to let that keep you from getting your trophy fish?

I personally love October and that could be why this is a little later in the date of a post than it should be. I have been outside loving this weather we are getting in FL. I just can’t seem to wait until tomorrow when my wife is going to let me go fishing again. This time I’m going to try some inshore fishing for redfish and snook.

Are you planing on going fishing this October, if the wife lets you or are you going to be missing out on your trophy fish?
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