Florida Stingray in Tampa Bay


Gulf Stingray

What should you do if you catch a stingray or get stung by a stingray

Fishing Charters in Tampa are great, but from time to time you will catch a stingray, if you have a stingray on your fishing pole line you can either cut the line and lose your fishing gear or you can take the stingray off of the fishing line by being very careful, so that you don’t get stung.

How to unhook a stingray from your fishing pole.

You want to set the stingray on a solid surface and flip them over on their back, so the stingray barb can’t move in a striking motion. Then next you will want to get a pair of pliers and unhook the hook out of their mouth, like you would any other fish.

What do you do if you get stung by a stingray.

The sting from a stingray barb will hurt somewhat like a bee sting, but worse. As soon as you get stung by a stingray you will want to soak the sting in the hottest water you can handle. What this will do is lessen the affect of the venom and lessen the pain caused by the sting. Do not panic if you see a jelly like substance oozing out from the wound this is what you want because that is the venom coming out of the wound. After you have soaked it for awhile take a damp towel and wrap it around the wound and seek medical attention as soon as possible although stingray stings usually are not deadly they can get infected and cause you to lose a limb.

You can prevent all of this by going out with a Tampa Fishing Charter who will take care of these things for you so you won’t have to worry about getting stung in the first place.

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