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The main Tampa Bay area cities are Tampa, St Petersburg and Clearwater.

Each one of these cities offer fishing charters that are all unique in their own way because of how they go out in fish. In Tampa you may get a Tampa Fishing Charter that wants to fish in the Tampa Bay. In Clearwater you might get a Clearwater Fishing Charter that wants to fish inshore and in St Petersburg you might find out that an extreme St Petersburg Fishing Charter wants to go deep sea fishing, but of course all three will go and fish inshore, offshore or in the Tampa Bay.

The point is this each fishing charter is different.

It is up to you to decide what you would like from your fishing charter besides catching fish. Some fishing charters offer free drinks while others may offer free food and not drinks and some maybe extremely friendly while others are serious fishermen.This is why I started Florida Fishing Charters to help consumers find and locate the right fishing charters for them in the Florida area.

I’m open to listen to suggestions about who you think is one of the best Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay and why you decided to pick them. Are they your first fishing charter or did they do something that stuck out from the rest?

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