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The price of oil affects numerous industries and it is now affecting the fishing charter industry in our home of FL.

With the price of gas going up, Florida Fishing Charters are having a hard time staying afloat. I have spoken with some charter captains and they have agreed that they may have to raise their rates to help cover the cost of gas “bummer”. How will Florida fishing charters gain new clients? Clients that are willing to pay a little more to cover the cost of gas and other expenses that will come to the rising price of oil? What can Florida fishing charters do to keep their existing clients happy and still be able to raise the charter rates?

Some answers to these questions are the following:

1. They could spend more money on advertising to get new clients.

2. Florida Fishing Charters could talk to the clients they have now about raising the rates because of the price of gas.

3. They could offer inshore fishing to their clients to save on gas and keep their charter rates down.

If it were my fishing charter business, I would do all of the above. I would start by talking to existing clients that want to go deep sea fishing and let them know about having to raise the rates due to the price of gas. This could help me gain a profit instead of just breaking even on a deep sea fishing charter. By spending money on advertising you open the door to additional clients. You could build the business you have always wanted regardless of post recession expenses. Offering inshore fishing gives you a way to keep your existing clients that would still like to go fishing, but can not afford rate raises.

Do you have any ideas you want to share on how fishing charters can make it with the price of gas going up!

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