The One That Got Away


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It was a beautiful summer morning in Florida.

It was a beautiful summer morning in Florida when I decided to go fishing in my back yard. My wife was still sleeping as I woke to make our morning coffee. After filling up my cup of coffee (black no sugar or cream), I couldn’t help but to notice the loud splashing sounds coming from the water off of our dock. I figured I would get my fishing pole and go on out. I was quiet as to not wake anyone in the house because I knew that my wife would say, “are you fishing again?” in a very stern voice. I also not to scare away the fish that were jumping in the water.

I got my frozen shrimp bait from the fridge and tied up my line.

I went out to my dock and tossed in the line. Although the fish were jumping, there were no bites for quite a long time. I started getting upset, but kept on going.

I wanted to just forget about fishing for the day, but I decided to do just one more cast and in doing so I wasn’t even looking I was looking to make sure my wife was not coming out of the house, so I could toss the fishing pole on the ground, so when she asked me what I was doing I could say I was just out looking at the water and then going to come in.

I got a snag as I started to reel in the line, so I started pulling as hard as I could.

I thought that maybe I could try to get my line back. The next thing I knew, it pulled back!!! It pulled back so hard that I almost fell off the dock and into the water. THIS THING WAS HUGE. I fought it for about half an hour until it started to wear out. WOO HOO I was pulling that huge fish in! I was so excited that I did not even think about calling anyone to coming out of the house and see. Regardless, I was jumping for joy. I saw the fish jump out of the water!

I have to say this was the biggest fish I had ever caught It has an awesome red color and a white belly. I figured it must be a Redfish but was not sure. I almost had it on the dock, but just as I was to take that final step … the line went limp.

I was in shock I could not believe that I let this fish just get away so easily and after fighting it for so long.

I was pissed! I did some investigating as to how he got away. I looked at my copper leader. I had ridged up on my line and noticed that it was still there or half of it anyways. The fish had bitten it right in half and took the shrimp along with my hook.

I have been trying to get “the one that got away” every since I lost that Redfish, but haven’t had any luck.

I hope that if you ever have this same opportunity, you won’t let that one get away from you.

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