South Tampa


South Tampa offers many different areas to go fishing at because it is located on Tampa Bay’s Peninsula

One of the most popular places for fishing is at Ballast Point. Unfortunately you are unable to fish at the very end of South Tampa’s peninsula because that is where they decided to build the MacDill Air Force Base.

South Tampa is a section of the city of Tampa that includes many different neighborhoods some of these are Port Tampa where the Tampa port is located, Hulk Hogan also grew up in Port Tampa and Port Tampa has some of the best fishing at Picnic Island Park, Ballast Point which has a fishing pier park, Bay Shore Beautiful that has a little night life section to it, Bayshore Gardens, South Westshore, Hyde Park that has many top rated restaurants and local bars. South Tampa is also home to the MacDill Air Force Base that was built in 1939 that was named in honor of Colonel Leslie MacDill.

South Tampa serves the following zip codes 33608, 33609, 33611, 33616, 33621, and 33629.

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How do you feel about not being able to fish where the MacDill Air Force Base is and do you think they should allow some type of fishing out of the year there?

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