How to Fish in Florida With a Boat or Without


Florida Fishing Boat
If your like me you want to fish every place you can fish off of Florida’s coast and catch all sorts of fish from Redfish, Tarpon, Marlin, Red Snapper and what ever else you can think of.

Now, if you don’t have a boat

Then you can either fish off of a bank, dock, bridge or you could always hire a Florida fishing charter to take you out.

I have a friend who owns a boat and he is huge on fishing. He even owns his own bait shop and sometimes loans his boat to friends. Once he loaned his boat out and friend brought it back broken. What was my friend to do?

I gave him some suggestions. One was to have someone fix his boat or he could fix the boat himself. I also told him that it might be easier to just hire a fishing charter in Tampa or rent a boat. Worst case scenario, he could go fishing off one of the docks in Tampa or fish from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

I figured that I should ask the readers of my blog if you have any ideas on how he could do to still go fishing out on the water without a boat, so please leave a comment with ideas and resources for him to use.

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