Boat Safety What Do Lock and Bridge Lights Mean


What Do The Canal Lock Lights Mean

What Do The Lock Lights Mean When Going Out On Your Boat Or Coming In From Sea?

1. “Red”

Red means to stop and stay back away from the lock.

2. “Yellow”

Yellow means that you can get closer to the lock, but make sure that you do not go into the boat lock yet. This is the light most people confuse with a yellow traffic light. It has been known to cause problems because they think it means to go slow and that it is ok to enter the lock when really it is not.

3. “Green”

Green means you are ok to enter the lock.

NOTE: If you think that you are going to be in the lock for a while, make sure to shut off your boat because the fumes that it gives off can cause other boaters to have problems breathing and it is just common courtesy to do so.

Do you know someone who had problems inside of locks? Have boater safety tips with us? Click the comments link to share your story or tips!

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